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We have the worlds largest collection of Nylon Watch Bands and Leather Watch Straps at a very low price and fast shipping for Apple watch, Panerai, iwc. We are manufacturer from China who have total 999 colors of Zulu and nato straps 18mm 20mm 22mm available to choose. Of course, any custom colors is provided by Pantone number as well.



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We have over 10  years of experience in production and management, and we have a senior R & D team to provide you with more professional products and services.

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We are all the more advanced technology and technology products in the world and constantly upgrade our products. Make the product more convenient, efficient and efficient.



Perlon Strap

999 colors available to choose from: black, navy, brown, blue...


Seat Belt Nato

Custom Single color & Striped color with ballistic nylon for seatbelt NATO


Parachute Watch Strap

23 Colours on selection, produced in Nato style and hook style


Graphic Nato

Lots of unique printed pattern to dress up your watch. Give a Nice Look!


2pcs Strap

With Quick Release pin so easy to open and remove from your watch.


Leather Nato

Make a wide variety of leather: crazy horse, suede, crocodile.


起源于 1993 年


We were founded in 2007 and have many years of experience in the watch strap. We own professional quality management and process inspection team. We ensure the product with good quality, sufficient quantity and diversification Because of delayering of management organization and service process, all the customer appeals can be dealt with quickly and effectively Provide the most excellent products, the most favourable price and the most perfect service to all customers. We are confident that our products can get your one hundred percent of trust and help you to achieve your success with our great efforts.
watch bands production

Seat Belt Nato Strap, the most popular nylon watch strap in the world. Available in various stripes and colours in size 18mm 20mm 22mm. Crafted with military rough stainless steel clasp with 3pcs square keepers in the brushed workmanship.

Perlon Strap available with total of 33 Colors in size 18mm 20mm 22mm. All colours are produced by 3 styles: Highest adjustable buckle with 2 square loops. Only one Adjustable Clasp (strap can adjust the length by moving the buckle). Nato Peron Strap (two perlon loop with one metal loop), Nato Strap ( three metal loop like traditional nato strap). Or Contact to custom your own style.

Two Piece Strap make in many kinds of material and attach with quick release pin or unattached: Leather(vintage/retro/distressed/crocodile), Nylon(graphic/striped/solid), Tweed, Canvas, Fabric, Silicone...

Parachute Strap comes with a wide variety of stripes and craft with ballistic nylon. We make this elastic with nato style and hook style. The worldwide standard length 240mm width 20 22mm is in a popular size. But we custom size to fit your watch case.

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