Leather Apple Watch Band | 38mm 42mm

leather apple watch band brown leather brushed buckle
leather apple watch band brown leather brushed buckle
leather apple watch band brown leather 42mm


The Leather Apple Watch Band wholesale for series 1 2 3 4 in size 38mm 42mm and 44mm.  If you are looking for cheap price but still require the premium leather like official, then take a peek at the GoldStart Watchbands. We are a professional manufacturer for different kinds of watch strap over ten years, which produced only high-end quality with genuine leather such as crocodile leather, alligator leather, ostrich leather, and crazy horse thick leather.

As a third party factory, we offer apple watch straps of all styles for both women's and men's in leather, nylon, canvas, silicone and steel. Each style has a variety of colours such as dark brown, cream, pink, green, white...Any custom design can be provided if you get a unique idea.

Item No.: GC-042

Price: $4.9-$6.9

MOQ: 10pcs per color

Leather Apple Watch Band 38m 42mm 44mm

Brand: OEM/ODM

Material: Genuine Leather(Full Grain)

Type: Nato/Zulu/two piece(quick release)

Size: 38mm 42mm 44mm

Thick: 3.0mm

Color: Brown / Black

MOQ: 10pcs


Delivery Time: 5days

Sample Time: 5 days

Buckle: 304 Stainless Steel (colour in silver, gold, rose gold, black)

Feature: For apple watch

How to Remove Apple Watch Bands?

There are two buttons on the bottom side of the Apple watch,  somewhat hard to see because this particular watch has a dark colour to it. There you go. You can see it right here. So there's a button right there and a button right here. So one above and below the heart rate sensor. So essentially, if you want to remove one of the Apple bands, you just push down on that button. And you need kind of some long fingernails to do this. All right? So once you've pushed it in and released the clip, you can easily uh, remove the band like so, and swap it out with a different band of your choosing.

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