How To Install Nato Strap & Zulu Strap?

How to install nato strap? What a pity, if you have a nice Nato/Zulu strap, but you don’t understand how to wear the watch strap for your rolex watch or omega watch. Here goldstart shows how it’s fitting.

 Steps to install Nato Strap 

Step 1

Through your nato strap from the watch case spring bar with the longer straps.

Install nato strap step 1
Install nato strap step 1

Step 2

Puting the long strap into the metal loop.

Install nato strap step 2
Install nato straps step 2

Step 3

Now straight the Nato straps

Install nato strap step 3
Install nato straps step 3

Step 4

Adjust the buckle to the right holes until it fits your wrist.

Install nato strap step 4
Install nato straps step 4

Step 5

Slid the long strap into the other two loops

Install nato strap step 5
Install nato straps step 5

Step 6

If the size is too long for your hand, turn back the tail and hide it under the second loop.

Install nato strap step 6
Install nato straps step 6

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