Nato Watch Strap 20MM| Custom Nylon

20mm nato watch strap Jungle printed
22mm nato watch strap Jungle printed
18mm nato watch strap Jungle graphic


Nato Watch Strap with the Jungle pattern graphic nato with size 18mm 20mm and 22mm.

Goldstart is one of watch strap manufacturer from China where you'll be able to get terribly low worth with sensible quality. High finish Polished 304L unstained Ring Hardware with 13 Holes for diver, cool, funny, dress watch.

Item No.: AC-110

Price: $1.5-$2.0

MOQ: 50pcs per color

Are NATO watch strap comfortable?

At your 1st sight, straps appearance terribly straight once compare to alternative rival that is more crook. At the meanwhile, once you bit the NATO, you'll feel soft and snug wherever appearance completely different. Our straps have one.2mm thick and comes with commonplace length 260mm for each man and lady, after all, we tend to may custom as you request if you think that alternative thickness and length is a lot absolutely.

 20mm Printed Nylon Nato Watch Straps 

Material Nylon(Fabric)
Type Nato/Zulu/Two Piece
Size 18/20/22mm
Color Jungle Print
MOQ 50pcs per color
Delivery Time 20-30days
7 days 7 days
Buckle 304 Stainless Steel (silver, gold, rose gold, black, brushed, matt) or custom 316L Hardware
Feature Washable and durable For any watch

Jungle Printed Graphic Nato Strap
Jungle Printed Graphic Nato Strap

How to install a nato strap?

When you buy a nato watch or any watch band, you need to know the log with these are coal logs and this is with between them and usually, it's eighteen centimetres millimetres. I'm sorry, twenty and were twenty-two that most those are most common sizes. So you need to know that. So you can buy this is a twenty to work with. And I bought a twenty-two nail and nato watches on straps are introduced by the British forces, and they serve ah, they are more reliable and secure. Ah, twelve goes to the buckle on that rule of town.

So you just put it in here, too, where you want it, but I keep it here like this. And needles are more secure. If you have on these are the weakest link on the spring bars are so easily by pushing turning, this one might come off pop off or and watch, uh, usually falls on your ground. But with the needles, a watch feels still remain hanging on one. Ah, so you can pick it up and I'll be smashed after that. Ah, you take this larger and your just reward, but to here, that's it. You connect these two.

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