18MM Nato Strap & Nato Band

18mm nato strap graphic nylon watch band
18mm nato strap grey white dot best printed nylon watch strap
20mm nato strap grey white dot best printed nylon watch strap


Goldstart offers the largest collection of 18mm nato strap 20mm 22mm and  Zulu strap, Perlon strap, Quick Release two piece strap.

Selected from various of colors: Plain Nato(navy blue/beige/brown…), striped Nato(red white blue/black grey…) and different graphic Nato(floral, unique, cool, funny). Different size 18mm 20mm 22mm are available, all those suits to military watch, and also smart watch.

If you are looking for the cheapest nato straps, Find a good factory, visit adband.org.

Item No.: AC-173

Price: $1.5-$2.0

MOQ: 50pcs per color


Material Nylon
Type Nato/Zulu/Two piece
Size 18/20/22mm
Color Grey Dots Print
MOQ 50pcs per color
Delivery Time 20-30days
7 days 7 days
Buckle 304 Stainless Steel (silver, gold, rose gold, black, brushed, matt) or custom 316L Hardware
Feature Washable and durable For any watch

18mm Nato Strap printed nylon grey white dot
18mm Nato Strap printed nylon grey white dot

Why would you wear the nato?

Basically, just attach it like you would any other watchband and thread this loose end of the shop through here. And right now we have this access piece of sharp over here. Then you basically just third that again through uh, the strap keepers. And that's it. Why would you wear a watch on the nato watchband? Um, opinions vary a lot regarding the nato watchband. Some people think it looks cheap, and that cheapens the watch that it's one with. But a lot of people think they're very comfortable and useful. Sharp changes are really fast. You cannot change the look of the watch instantly, almost without having to have to remove spring bars.

I usually prefer using NATO, watch with stainless steel bracelets, but I do have a few watches that I use with nato straps and ones that I do use with nato straps. I tend to change straps very often. The Nato strap is extremely comfortable and more comfortable than stainless steel strap or rubber strap.

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