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green yellow seatbelt nylon strap Nato
green yellow seatbelt nylon strap nato heavy duty buckle
22mm green yellow seatbelt nylon strap Nato


Buy a variety of Seatbelt Nylon Strap and leather strap from watch strap manufacturer. Lots of selection for styles, color and size. Style: graphic nato, striped nato, plain nato, vintage nato, military Nato, racing, fancy, fashion, luxury. Colors: black, navy, blue, red, black red, blue red. Size: 16mm 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm.
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Item No.: AC-190

Price: $1.9-$2.9

MOQ: 50pcs per color

Cheapest Seatbelt Nylon Strap Nato

Material Nylon(seatbelt)
Type Nato/Zulu/Two piece
Size 18/20/22mm
Color Green Yellow striped
MOQ 50pcs per color
Delivery Time 20-30days
7 days 7 days
Buckle 304 Stainless Steel (silver, gold, rose gold, black, brushed, matt) or custom 316L Hardware
Feature Washable and durable For any watch

Nato Seatbelt Nylon Strap 20mm
Nato Seatbelt Nylon Strap 20mm

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