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Black Silicone watch band manufacturer military
22MM PVD Black Silicone watch band manufacturer military
20MM PVD Black Silicone watch band manufacturer military


Find Silicone watch band manufacturer and factory from China. Search Highest quality and cheapest price rubber strap for sports, waterproof, military watch.
Custom different size from 10mm to 26mm with strongest black buckle.
Manufacturing straps in rubber, leather, nylon, fabric and canvas.
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Item No.: PC-014

Price: $0.79-$1.59

MOQ: 300pcs per color

 Military Silicone Watch Band Manufacturer 

Material Silicone
Type 2 piece
Size 18/20/22mm
Color Black
MOQ 300pcs per color
Delivery Time 20-30days
7 days 7 days
Buckle 304 Stainless Steel (silver, gold, rose gold, black, brushed, matt) or custom 316L Hardware
Feature Waterproof and sport For military watch

Black Military Silicone Watch Band Manufacturer PVD black Buckle
Black Military Silicone Watch Band Manufacturer PVD black Buckle

How to change a watchband?

How to change a silicone watchband. Items are shown include a watch with existing strap, the replacement watch band, new spring bars, a ten by ten solve it cloth, and a standard spring bar tool, or optional mini spring bar tool. The first thing you need to do is remove the existing watch band. During this process, you will want to make sure that you do not damage the watch crystal or face of the watch. We recommend that you use a soft cloth.

We are using a silver cloth, which also works very well for wiping off fingerprints. And smudge is when you're done. If you don't have a salve, it uses a towel t-shirt or other non-abrasive material. Lay the watch face down on the salve it as you want to work from the backside of the watch case. Should you happen to scratch the lugs of your watch while changing the watch band. You want the scratches on the back side where they will not be seen once you have the watch laying face down on the soft cloth, get your spring bar tool.

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