Watch Strap Nylon | Striped Nato Strap

watch strap nylon seat belt 20mm 22mm
watch strap nylon wholesale china factory
Nato watch strap nylon grey blue seatbelt 1.4mm thick


Custom for quality watch strap nylon & leather in different styles, nato, Zulu, two piece.
Buy nylon strap in black, navy, orange, green, gray with premium polished hardward.
Shop leather strap in vintage, military, racing, retro for your Rolex watch, Seiko watch and Omega watch.

Different size 18mm 20mm 22mm available, cutting with laser machine and making round holes.
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Item No.: AC-197

Price: $1.9-$2.9

MOQ: 50pcs per color


Material Nylon(seatbelt)
Type Nato/Zulu/Two piece
Size 18/20/22mm
Color Blue/red/white striped
MOQ 50pcs per color
Delivery Time 20-30days
7 days 7 days
Buckle 304 Stainless Steel (silver, gold, rose gold, black, brushed, matt) or custom 316L Hardware
Feature Washable and durable For any watch

watch strap nylon heavy duty
watch strap nylon heavy duty


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